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Accessories TopSystem

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Side support cross member
Side support cross member
Ref. No.: 1000005397
Lashing strap clamp buckle, 3.5 m
Lashing strap clamp buckle, 3.5 m
Ref. No.: 80714114
Lashing strap clamp buckle 1.2m, 250daN
Lashing strap clamp buckle 1.2m, 250daN
Ref. No.: 1000003942
Interior ladder lift 1800
Interior ladder lift 1800
Ref. No.: 1000004569
ProSafe lashing belt ratchet 3.5 m
ProSafe lashing belt ratchet 3.5 m
Ref. No.: 1000000225
STS 2.0 height increase set 85mm OS
STS 2.0 height increase set 85mm OS
Ref. No.: 1000016105
ProSafe lashing belt 0.93 m
ProSafe lashing belt 0.93 m
Ref. No.: 1000000227
ProSafe lashing belt 0.77 m
ProSafe lashing belt 0.77 m
Ref. No.: 1000000228
Ref. No.: 1000016019
Ref. No.: 1000016020
Ref. No.: 1000016021
Ref. No.: 1000016022
Ref. No.: 1000016023
Ref. No.: 1000016024

Your TopSystem roof rack accessories

Use the coordinated accessories to individually customise your TopSystem roof rack. So whether you need to transport heavy, bulky or lightweight and compact goods: Sortimo has the right additional equipment for transport and load securing. Thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction, you can now carry heavier loads, avoiding unnecessary trips back and forth and reducing your fuel consumption. The aerodynamic design of the roof rack is also maintained even when accessory components are fitted, preventing you from being troubled by annoying wind noises and ensuring you arrive focussed at your customer’s. The optional ProSafe load securing system saves you valuable time as your load can be secured quickly and easily.

For more efficient working

Sortimo’s matching roof rack accessories let you configure your TopSystem as individually as you want, to ensure that your workflows run even more smoothly. Apart from various additional load securing features, including the load stopper or side rail, Sortimo also supplies practical aids for fixing ladders in place. Use Sortimo ProSafe lashing straps to effortlessly lash down your load to the roof, professionally securing it in place.
The corrosion-proof 3-metre long aluminium fold-out ladder is ideal for conveniently loading and unloading the TopSystem roof rack. When folded, it is only 1.5 metres in length and can be simply stowed away in your van’s load space.

Enhanced transport safety

Safety is a key issue when transporting materials, but also at your place of work. Sortimo roof rack accessoires were therefore set up to ensure that you can simply load and unload, secure your load during transport and also ensure the safety of employees at your place of work.

The indicator lights ensure greater safety in traffic and when you arrive on site. The Sortimo online shop includes a range of revolving indicator lights with plug socket or magnetic base.
During loading and unloading, side rails prevent the goods from falling down at the side, can include any number of cross members and also carry your company logo if required.

The loading roller also helps to unload heavy or bulky goods with ease, is attached to the cross member or side rails and ensures that loads can be safely loaded and unloaded, preventing the vehicle from being damaged.

The load stopper ensures that you can tidily and securely transport long loads in particular. Only 150 mm in height, the load stopper is a real all-round aid: it can be mounted along the entire length of the cross members, securing your load wherever this is needed. It also acts as a transport tube, allowing narrow pipes or rods to be pushed through and simply lashed down with tensioning belts.

Ladder securing – from Sortimo

Many tradesmen could not imagine day-to-day work without ladders. It becomes so much simpler and more convenient to transport them and professionally secure them with accessories for Sortimo TopSystem roof racks. The ladder locking device for the side rail, for instance, prevents ladders from sliding to the side, ensuring faster and safer working. Sortimo supplies all the roof rack accessories you need from a single supplier – and always tailored to your specific vehicle model.

Simply order Sortimo accessories for the TopSystem roof rack online

The Sortimo online shop has a wide range of accesories für TopSystem roof rack, letting you configure it to your specific needs. Should you need more information than is available on our website, we would be more than happy for you to contact us by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you!