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i-BOXX Rack G 3-comp. incl. i-BOXXes 72

Ref. No.:  1000011326 | Match code: I-RACK G 3 I72TE
  • The module consists of 3 individual racks, including lids and i-BOXXes
  • compatible with complete L-BOXX systems
  • fast replacement of equipment
  • Stackable due to innovative click system
  • flexibly extendable organisational system
  • Color
  • Weight
    6,5 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    13.465 in x 17.402 in x 11.969 in
  • In stock ready for dispatch within 48 hours

price per piece, excl. tax and shipping costs

Product details

The i-BOXX Rack 3-section is a fixed module consisting of three individual racks already equipped with three i-BOXXes 72 G. They are each equipped with a small components tray (7, 12, 16 compartments). The lowest rack of the unit is an active element, i.e. the complete rack can be flexibly clicked into the L-BOXX range and released as required.

The i-BOXX Rack G lid seals it at the top. It has a folding handle and is, of course, compatible with the L-BOXX system. The ergonomically shaped handle makes it very convenient to carry your i-BOXX Rack to your place of operation.

The i-BOXX Rack G provides maximum modularity and flexibility. The Rack is a single shelf-like retainer for an i-BOXX G or an LS drawer 72 G, which can be extended and combined virtually without limitation. Therefore, you can create your own rack for i-BOXXes and drawers. The system simply grows to meet your requirements.

This mobile racking system is fully compatible with the entire L-BOXX system and therefore can be combined with L-BOXXes G or LS-BOXXes G, clicked together and extended to create an integrated small component and tool system. Apart from the option of integrating it into the Sortimo van racking system or customize it with accessories, the i-BOXX Rack G also has many other functions of the L-BOXX G. The individual elements also feature a connecting lever, which enables the individual racks to be separated from the rest of the unit. You can adapt the i-BOXX Rack G to your day-to-day requirements, and you only need a single transport solution to meet all challenges, saving you money.

(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included; shipping only within the U.S.)

Technical Details
Technical details
Color coolgrey
Weight 6,5 kg
Inside dimensions (LxWxH) x x in
Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.465 in x 17.402 in x 11.969 in
Material(s) ABS
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