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Lashing straps.
Lashing down made easy.

The Sortimo lashing straps provide you with a quick and uncomplicated lashing down of your payloads - in order that you have a good feeling behind you when in transit.


Lashing straps

4 article(s)
ProSafe lashing belt ratchet 3.5 m
ProSafe lashing belt ratchet 3.5 m
Ref. No.: 1000000225
ProSafe lashing belt ratchet 6 m
ProSafe lashing belt ratchet 6 m
Ref. No.: 1000000226
Lashing strap ProSafe clamping lock 1.4 m, 250 daN
Lashing strap ProSafe clamping lock 1.4 m, 250 daN
Ref. No.: 1000000224
ProSafe lashing belt clamp buckle 3 m
ProSafe lashing belt clamp buckle 3 m
Ref. No.: 1000000222

Sturdy lashing straps for optimum load securing

You’ll always feel safe driving with Sortimo lashing straps. The sturdy load-securing straps are made of rough polyamide 6, which has outstanding mechanical properties, such as good damping and wear characteristics. The straps are therefore extremely tear-resistant and thus also ideal for securing angular objects. You can even use Sortimo load-securing straps to secure other bulky loads, such as gas bottles, from slipping.

The extensive accessories for the load-securing straps reliably help you to secure the most diverse loads in place. Use Sortimo ratchet straps to generate high tension forces with minimal effort to ensure that everything remains in ist place even at high speeds or if you need to brake in an emergency. Our load-securing straps with clamping locks suffice for lighter loads and are equally simple and intuitive to use.

Perfect compatibility of ProSafe lashing straps

Sortimo ProSafe lashing straps are compatible with the ProSafe load-securing system, allowing you to quickly and professionally lash your load to the uprights or cross members of the racking modules. Or use the individual lashing points in the SoboGrip ProSafe floor, where you can flexibly attach your straps and reliably secure them with the ratchets or clamping locks. The load-securing straps come in different lengths so that you can ideally fasten and lash down all kinds of loads. We also recommend fixing edge profiles, also available from the online shop, to protect the sturdy straps. The load-securing straps are also suitable for use with the Sortimo TopSystem (ProSafe version) for fixing into the ProSafe lashing rail. There are simply no limits to the flexibility of your working life.

Stable belts for all your needs

We also stock a wide range of other fastening options in our online shop in addition to the ProSafe lashing straps. Our round slings work very well with extremely heavy loads of up to two tonnes in weight where they can be used for proper load securing as well as to lift and move loads. Measuring three metres in length, they also perfectly fit around bulky objects.

Sortimo relies on efficiency and its ProSafe lashing straps represent an effective and simple system for handling loads with minimum effort, ensuring that you feel safe when driving and can concentrate on what matters- the road ahead. 

Equip your vehicle with all the systems you need to ensure that you and your staff are also prepared for unexpected transport of loads. Order Sortimo lashing straps to secure your loads simply and in compliance with the law. The highest level of safety for your van with Sortimo ProSafe lashing straps. Our competent costumer service team would be happy to assist with any questions you may have.