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The small organiser.

The i-BOXX is the solution when it comes to the systematic stowage of small components. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the transparent cover and its wide range of equipping possibilities, it can be very flexibly used as an organisational aid, no matter, whether it is used independently or is integrated into the LS-BOXX or the i-BOXX Rack.



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i-BOXX Rack G 3-compartments
i-BOXX Rack G 3-compartments
Ref. No.: 6000011091
i-BOXX Rack G 3-comp. incl. i-BOXXes 72
i-BOXX Rack G 3-comp. incl. i-BOXXes 72
Ref. No.: 1000011326
i-BOXX Rack G 3-comp. incl. LS-Drawer
i-BOXX Rack G 3-comp. incl. LS-Drawer
Ref. No.: 1000011327
i-BOXX 72 G empty
i-BOXX 72 G empty
Ref. No.: 6000010986
i-BOXX 72 G incl. IBS 12 Stk. H63
i-BOXX 72 G incl. IBS 12 Stk. H63
Ref. No.: 6000010988
i-BOXX 72 G incl. IBS 26 Stk. H63
i-BOXX 72 G incl. IBS 26 Stk. H63
Ref. No.: 6000010989
i-BOXX 72 G with Insetbox-Set 10 pieces
i-BOXX 72 G with Insetbox-Set 10 pieces
Ref. No.: 6000010993
i-BOXX 72 G Es. car fi. aid b.  DIN13164
i-BOXX 72 G Es. car fi. aid b. DIN13164
Ref. No.: 1000011392
i-BOXX Wall holder G
i-BOXX Wall holder G
Ref. No.: 6000011032

i-BOXX Rack G

The i-BOXX Rack G is the perfect addition to the L-BOXX G4/G range, as it provides the link be-tween your L-BOXXes and the handy i-BOXX G. Either use it as shelving in your workshop – or take it with you to site in your vehicle. The system consists of multiple units that can be combined together to create a fixed shelving system.
The individual shelving elements, the racks, can then either accommodate an i-BOXX G or an LS drawer. The side guide rails with stopping devices ensure that all drawers are secured in place during transport and, when you arrive on site, simply pull out or even remove the drawers and i-BOXXes.
Purchase the i-BOXX Rack G online with either three or five fixed units – or combine together the number of racks you require yourself. When doing so, choose from active and inactive modules. Inactive modules remain fixed in the unit and can no longer be separated. By contrast, active modules can be removed from the unit at any time.

We recommend using an active element as the bottom unit of an i-BOXX Rack G which can be connected to the other boxes in the L-BOXX G4/G range using the smart locking sys-tem – and then detached again. This unique system lets you configure your transport boxes to meet your precise needs on site – and reconfigure them for each individual job.
That way, you’re always ideally prepared, have all your important tools and materials on site, and yet are not transporting unnecessary weight. L-BOXXes G4/G , LS-BOXXes 306 G and LT-BOXXes G can all be stacked using the click-in locking system as well as the i-BOXX Rack G. The sturdy cover boasts a han-dle, which is comfortable to hold and lets you carry connected elements to site. The cover is compatible with all elements of the i-BOXX Rack G by Sortimo available to buy online – whether active or inactive.
And what’s more, our partners Bosch, Gedore, Forch and Fischer use outer packaging boxes that are also compatible with the Rack – ensuring you benefit from a comprehen-sive system to meet all your needs.

Maximum mobility when out and about – with the i-BOXX Rack G

Combine the stackable Rack with our handy mobility solutions, including the Roller trolley or light-weight AluCaddy, for even greater convenience and efficiency on site. These options let you transport stacked racks more easily, without damaging your back – ideal for everyday use. Buy these and other accessories for your Rack conveniently online.
Or even use the tower made up of several elements as a portable workplace on site. The work top for the L-BOXX G4/G also fits the i-BOXX Rack G, letting you perform last-minute little jobs direct-ly on your stacked racks. The i-BOXX Rack G by Sortimo therefore represents a valuable module for the storage of consumables and smaller components: And as the drawers or i-BOXXes G can be removed from the front, without dismantling the unit, you have access to your materials at all times, letting your work quickly and efficiently.
Like the other boxes in the L-BOXX G4/G range, the i-BOXX Rack G is also compatible with Sortimo’s in-vehicle systems. It is therefore ideal as a practical shelving system in your vehicle, protecting your materials and the passengers in your vehicle too. Your valuable tools are secured against sliding around and are protected from damage should you need to brake hard or corner at speed. The boxes are also securely stowed away and do not risk becoming “missiles” in dangerous situations – an added bonus for your safety and the safety of your passengers. Organ-ised storage in your vehicle also looks professional and is sure to impress your customers should they glance into your van.

Organisation and overview: everything in sight with the i-BOXX Rack G

When you buy your i-BOXX Rack G, you have the choice of filling it with the ready-equipped versions with i-BOXXes or with LS drawers. The LS drawer provides fast and straightforward access to smaller tools. It can also be fitted with inset boxes, which double as a handy storage location for smaller components in your workshop or on site.
The i-BOXX G provides you with order and organisation for your day-to-day work: equip it with different inset boxes in various colours to tidily organise and store plugs, screws and other smaller components. That way, you are always aware of your stock levels and can immediately find the material you need.
The transparent lids also let you check the availability of smaller parts without needing to open the box. Adapt the box to your needs and even keep boxes equipped differently for different jobs. Before heading off to site, simply select the right correctly equipped box and insert it into the Rack.

Buy your i-BOXX Rack G online at Sortimo – securely and conveniently

Buying your Sortimo i-BOXX Rack G online lets your benefit from outstanding Sortimo quality and our exceptional customer service. We’d be happy to help you at any time on our free Service Hotline on 0800 027 5644 should you have any questions about our products.