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Organisation at the wheel.
The mobile office.

No matter, which trade you are working in, install your mobile office into your commercial vehicle or your car to completely meet your own requirements. You can work conveniently from the driver's seat with the aid of the AutoAssistent, the automanager or the office bag. Securely stow away your office materials and your purchase orders in an orderly manner and always have important things ready at hand.


Passenger cabin

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Ref. No.: 6000013410
AutoAssistent + Office Organizer Set
AutoAssistent + Office Organizer Set
Ref. No.: 1000017467
Office Organizer
Office Organizer
Ref. No.: 6000013636

Make the waiting and transition times between your appointments more productive and useful with our products for your mobile office. The Sortimo AutoAssistant or Sortimo Automanager can help to simplify your working life on the road – regardless of your trade or industry. Set up your mobile office in your commercial vehicle or car to meet your individual requirements. Work conveniently from the driver's seat with our products, securely stow away your office supplies, and always have important things to hand.