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Ford Transit 148 WB L/R General Service

Ref. No.:   1000022732 |  Match code: XPRESS US PREDESIG |  EAN: 4014599147608
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  • External dimensions (LxWxH)
    0 x 0 x 0 in
  • Weight
    335.70 lb
  • Color
    Sortimo CoolGrey
    Sortimo Blue
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Product details

Package is compatible with the Ford Transit 148-inch wheelbase low roof.

For modifications to this design, please contact us at customerservice@sortimo.us.

The Ford Transit 148 WB Low Roof General Services Package incorporates some of the most popular Sortimo components into a layout ideal for the General Service technician with higher content and an increased demand for organization. This package includes an array of Sortimo components that keep both your cargo area and supplies organized and secured. These items include the Sortimo T-BOXXes, SR-BOXXes, case clamp, open shelves, telescoping drawers, long component tray, ProSafe load securing, ProClick side profiles, SoboPro flooring, and the hook strip and storage pocket side profile accessories.

The Sortimo T-BOXX case is the ideal organizer and transport system for all your small components and consumables. The transparent polycarbonate cover allows you to always have the contents in view and to transport them safely and well-organized to every workplace. The T-BOXX can also be labelled with mySortimo labels. In this General Service package, the T-BOXXes are ideal solution for kitting and sorting the variety of screws, nuts, washers, bearings, and other parts that are required for a variety of services. For easy retrieval of frequently used items, the T-BOXXes are positioned at the rear of the vehicle.

The Sortimo SR-BOXXes are the ideal storage solution for small components of all kinds. The functionality of the SR-BOXXes is unique in van racking systems because they are integrated on the top and bottom of the shelf. This allows from more compact storage which leaves space for even more material in the van. Our patented top and bottom slides allow the SR-BOXXes to function as drawers when pulled out providing convenient access to the contents. If required, they can easily be removed from the shelf and taken to the warehouse for replenishment. For additional organization the SR-BOXXes can be labelled with mySortimo labels. In this General Service package, the SR-BOXXes serve as the depot for frequently used consumables like nails, screws, nuts, and bolts. Additionally, the SR-BOXXes allow you to sort several miscellaneous parts needed at the jobsite.

The Sortimo case clamp provides an easy and effective way to secure a variety of tool cases and containers. The quick release trigger allows for easy one hand use of the variable clamping mechanism. The clamp mechanism with its foam buffer slides and secures the cases and containers against the mounted retaining plate against side profile. The positioning of the case clamp allows for storage of the cases and containers of varying sizes at the front of the vehicle at the floor level. In this General Service package, the case clamp will secure the tool cases that are required to complete the varying service jobs.

The high and low border open shelves allow for secure storage of a multitude of items. They are the ideal storage solution for larger bulky items not suited for the Sortimo array of BOXXes. The high front lip of the shelf keeps all the items contained on the shelf while in transit, while the low lip allows containment and easy accessibility of material when there is limited clearance between the shelves. Because of their design, the shelves can later be equipped with SR-BOXXes underneath and dividers on top as additional organization and storage is required. Open shelves equipped with dividers and labels are a cost-saving alternative to the standard shelf equipped with the more versatile SR-BOXXes. In this General Service package, the open shelves are prescribed to store an array of parts including those that are not frequently stored and used in routine service jobs.

Drawers provide a flexible storage option for materials and tools of all kinds. They are real organizational aids when subdivided using dividers, equipped with inset boxes or even contoured foam. Contents are stored in the vehicle safe from dirt and concealed from view. The telescoping drawer slides allow for an optimum visibility of the drawers and quick access to the tools, machines, or spare parts inside. The anodized aluminum front and steel body allow the drawers to be a lightweight yet rigid storage option. In this General Service package, the drawers are used to isolate and safely store parts and devices that should not be exposed to the elements.

The long component tray can be used for the safe storage of long objects, such as pipes, cable ducts, yardsticks, PVC conduit, pull rods and much more. A spring-loaded sliding door on the rear section allows the contents to be simply removed at the rear of the vehicle. The long component tray is a great in-vehicle alternative for a ladder rack mounted conduit carrier. With the General Service package, the long component tray is a great storage place for shovels, I-beam levels, and tube conduit.

ProSafe load securing elements are contained in both the uprights of the racking modules as well as in the cross members, and the floor, which means that professional and reliable securing is carried out in no time and in a particularly worker friendly way. Thereby you protect your payload and are on the road simply and quickly. In this General Service package, the ProSafe securing element available on the floor and on the rear shelving allow the technician to use the aisle space to tie-down those larger parts needed for new equipment installation.

The sturdy and compact aluminum ProClick side profiles are the basis for each SR5 rack and require just a small space on the vehicle floor. This ensures maximum load space usage so that large items can be loaded without any problems in the vehicle.

The SoboPro floor is compatible with all ProSafe applications and offers diverse possibilities, thanks to the integrated ProSafe universal lashing points, for the simple, flexible, and quick securing of varying loads. SoboPro is extremely sturdy, scratch and impact-resistant and complies with the highest of requirements. SoboPro is matched to the contours of the vehicle, and drilling of the chassis is not necessary. The racking is screwed directly to the SoboPro flooring, at the predrilled mounting locations on the floor.

The hook strip accessory is included in this General Service package at the rear of the vehicle for storage of items like cables, hoses, hard hats, and jackets.

The storage pocket accessory is included in this General Service package at the rear of the vehicle for convenient access to aerosol cans, silicone cartridges, and first aid kit. Frequently used screwdrivers and pliers can be accommodated on front of the storage pocket with the clamping strip.

(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included; shipping only within the U.S.)

Technical Details
Technical details
External dimensions (LxWxH) 0 x 0 x 0 in
Weight 335.70 lb
Vehicle manufacturer Ford
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