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My experiences with the van racking configurator

By customers for customers – Views and critiques regarding the SR5 configurator by Stephan Schneider, Managing Director of S.T.E.-Elektronik.

I would like to start by briefly introducing myself:
my name is Stephan Schneider and I am the Managing Director of S.T.E.-Elektronik in Dillingen, Germany. Once it was time for a new leasing agreement, I wanted to equip my new service vehicle (VW Caddy) with new van racking.

So the Sortimo newsletter talking about the SR5 configurator came at just the right time. The configurator made me curious right from the beginning. So I went ahead and tried it, clicking on the different options. From the moment I first clicked through them, my impression was very positive. But I had to interrupt my first test, as I ran out of time. I made another attempt the following day, with the aim of configuring an entire system and placing an order at the end of it. No sooner said than done!

Benefits of the Sortimo configurator

It wasn’t just my good first impression that prompted me to place an order – there were of course other reasons for doing so. For one thing, ordering online at home is far more convenient than driving to a shop. What’s more, I saved valuable time that I’d have spent en route to the dealer. As I wasn’t tied to opening hours, I was able to organize my time as I wanted and make good use of it at breakfast in the morning.

And, to be honest, the 25 % launch discount for the configurator was another important factor that encouraged me to quickly place an order: I didn’t want to miss this unbeatable discount.

Time required for configuration

Overall, the two attempts took 2.5 hours. I hadn’t come across an online configurator before, nor was I familiar with the new product range. Although I didn’t read up about the subject beforehand, I got on just fine by and large.

Procedure and buying experience

All in all, I was very satisfied with my buying experience and the procedure from start to end. Apart from a few technical difficulties, I managed fine with the SR5 configurator. To mention one or two examples, I couldn’t drag all products to the vehicle, although they seemed to be available according to the configurator. The function of equipping the inside of the BOXXes unfortunately also remained a mystery to me.

My experience with the van fitting service offered at Zusmarshausen was once again very positive, as was the case with my first purchase. The staff are very friendly and enthusiastic, and I personally also really like the fact there’s a showroom on site. I’m going to drop in there again, as I still want to equip my BOXXes and always prefer seeing such things on the spot.

I haven’t had any experience with other manufacturers so far and also opted for Sortimo straight away four years ago, as I didn’t know of any other providers on the market. Since I was extremely satisfied with both the service offered and the product itself, it was immediately clear to me that I’d ask Sortimo to fit out my next vehicle.

My conclusion

I’m pleased to at last have a rack in my car and be able to store everything tidily. The SR5 configurator enabled me to put the system together to suit my specific needs. I’m now really looking forward to stowing away my work equipment and materials in my new shelving.

Stephan Schneider Managing Director of S.T.E.-Elektronik

I’d also like to test the mySortimo graphics decal configurator. I think it’s great you can have the decals applied and the racking installed at the same time. For me this is something definitely worth considering, particularly when it comes to further vehicles. For my colleagues and me, it’s very convenient to only have to hand over our vehicles once and have everything dealt with at once. Driving to another service provider is often a right bother, and we can’t manage without our vans for very long. This is why I haven’t yet got any decals on my vehicle so far, although I’ve been considering it for years. I’d like to at last take this step with my new vehicle, possibly even with the help of Sortimo’s decal configurator.

What are your experiences with the van racking configurator? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.
If you aren’t familiar with the configurator, why don’t you try it out right away?

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