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SR5 Konfigurator EN

SR5 for individualists.
Configure online, order online. You’re done!

Open the configurator in Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers for ideal functionality. Take a look and see for yourself.

How it works:

Ulrich Reitenberger Bau GmbH shows you how quickly and easily a van racking can be placed perfectly in the loading space from the very first idea:

Sortimo Van Racking SR5: Configure online

SR5 Configurator:
What our customers say


The SR5 van rack from Sortimo is easily built with attention to small details. By logging into your account, you can use the van racking configurator to create your SR5 van racking system to meet individual needs. The 3D view shows you an optimal model of how the van rack will look like in the end. You can also label separate shelfs after your preferences. In addition, we are also inspired by Sortimo’s further approach to offer advice on the execution and completion of van rack design.
It truly is an optimal solution for every craft business!

Stefan Lerch
Ulrich Leitenberger Bau GmbH

Fast. Individual. Transparent pricing.

Take advantage of the many benefits of the Van Racking Configurator!

SR5 Konfigurator EN

Local installation service

Sortimo is local to you – check out your nearest installation location, which you can also select when ordering online.

The van racking configurator from Sortimo includes a total of 3 steps, each of which providing you with relevant additional information that makes it easier to configure your desired van racking system.

Step 1

In the first step of the configurator, you select the manufacturer as well as your car’s exact model or year. Since each vehicle is constructed differently, this step serves as a basis for further configuration options. Now we get to the details of your car. In addition to the length and height of your transporter, you must also specify on which side the side door is located and which version of the tailgate is installed in your vehicle.

Step 2

Clicking on ‘Start configurator’, loads the van racking system configurator. During this time, you will be given some helpful tips, such as for navigating the configurator.

After selecting the floor for your loading space, the next step is to configure the actual van racking system. You have a wide range of configuration options and you can track all changes live on a 3D model. Finally, you have the opportunity to select convenient accessories. These are individually suggested based on your present configuration and complement the overall system. Last but not least, you can go over all the individual parts of your order at your leisure and adjust them as necessary. In this step, you can save your selection with ease and store it in your customer account. This ensures that the configuration of your racking system is not lost, so you can view it from anywhere and pick up where you left off.

Step 3

Once you have completed all the steps of the configurator, your new van racking system has to be installed in your vehicle. For this purpose, we offer you a professional installation service by one of our authorised Sortimo partners near you.

If you have any questions about our van racking configurator, feel free to take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Additional functions

If you want to finish configuring the van racking system or order it right away, you can save it. If you click on the ‘Save’ button, you will automatically be directed by the menu to create an account. In your personal mySortimo account, you then have the possibility to call up your configuration again at any time, continue editing it, or order it on the spot, online.