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ProClick tested in practice: one product, multiple applications

ProClick put through its paces: How do two users use the ProClick system in their everyday work? What do they like and where do they see potential for improvement? You can read the verdict of IT administrator Marc L. and electrical engineer Bernhard S. in the current blog post

Where can you put the tools?

Which tradesman doesn’t know the situation: when they arrive at the construction site, the necessary tools and work materials are quickly packed away. But where to put all the tools or other materials? Besides boxes and suitcases, many like to use their trouser pockets for the last few metres to the site – much to the determent of their washing machines! The reason: it is not uncommon for people to forget to empty their pockets before washing their clothes meaning screwdrivers, rulers or pens are then given a wash. This does not have to be the case!

With the ProClick system Sortimo offers a convenient and ergonomic storage option for tools and other materials.

The ProClick tool bags have an interface to a variety of other Sortimo products – from the SR5 shelving system to the C-BOXX to the ProClick tool belt or the tool carrier.

Once packed, the tool bags can be conveniently clicked onto the components and removed again after use. Everything is easy to use and comfortable. And the “holder” on the tool belt ensures that you can attach pockets with just one click – without having to remove the belt.

ProClick: These two testers did a practical test:

Bernhard S.

Electrical engineer

As a trained electrical engineer, Bernhard S. looks back on a long and successful career. But his passion for the trade by no means ended when he entered semi-retirement. There is simply no sitting still and being idle for him. He still supports customers and advises them on the planning and installation of electrical systems, for example. In his spare time, he is also involved in the German Alpine Association (DAV). There, it is always important to keep a cool head even at the highest altitudes. After all, who has time to spend a long time looking for tools in the field? That’s why Bernhard is chosen for us to test the tool carrier in combination with the ProClick bags.

Bernhard, what do you have in your bag?

“The everyday life of an electrician is very varied and you often need different tools and measuring instruments. That’s why I always tailor my tool bags in advance to the respective work area and application. But what always has to be there: Combination pliers, side cutters, various screwdrivers as well as a torch and measuring and testing devices.”

Did ProClick convince you?

“The compatibility with many Sortimo products makes my everyday life much easier. The inset boxes even fit into the stretcher and tub. That’s very helpful because I don’t even have to completely reload the bags or the tub. For storing the bags, the LT-BOXX comes into play: it is just the perfect size to store the ProClick tool bags.”

Where might there still be potential for improvement?

“Overall, ProClick is a good product for me. But sure, there is always room for improvement. The handle on the tool carrier, for example, is one of them for me. Although the foam rubber is very flexible, a stronger material would, in my opinion, fit better in the hand. Further potential lies in the optimisation of the outer pockets and an extension of the tool carrier. Particularly large tool bags can quickly hang down over the stretcher or cover the outer pockets. Here, perhaps a removable version of the so-called UnitOrganiser would be useful.”

Marc L.

IT Engineer

Although Marc L. originally comes from the field of security technology, he feels at home in the IT infrastructure sector. Because of his job as an IT administrator, he often has to work on ladders, for example to maintain server rooms or access points. For quite some time, he had been looking for a suitable place to store his tools in order to avoid the annoying climb up and down. In a makeshift way, he had put together his own tool belt constellation before ProClick.

What is special about ProClick for you?

The tool belt saves me commuting and time. Finally, I don’t have to go from the vehicle to the ladder all the time. I can even store spare batteries in it. Because often the work is not done after a few minutes. What also stands out for me is the extraordinary quality of ProClick. Even on long days, thanks to the hip pad, I can wear the belt for hours – without it hurting or becoming uncomfortable.

What do you store in your ProClick bags?

First of all, an IT Engineers tools include the standard equipment – such as screwdrivers, a cordless drill or Allen spanners. Especially for my job, network testers are important to check the wiring. But for working with cables, side cutters or cable strippers are also indispensable. In addition to tools, I also keep cable ties or small hardware parts in the tool bags as standard.

What could be improved about ProClick?

Every now and then it happens that I work outside. To protect the tools from all weather conditions, it would be useful to develop rain covers for the pockets. In my opinion, the nail bag with the drawstring pocket is well suited for this. For the tool bag in size L, perhaps some kind of lid that folds back on its own would be useful. I like to reach into the bags “blind”.

In order not to leave the suggestions of our product testers unanswered, our ProClick Product Marketing Manager Florian Bobinger has taken them on:

ProClick is constantly changing. That’s why we are always happy to receive comments and suggestions for improvement, also with regard to the design of the bags. All ProClick bags are outdoor resistant and allow a charming and quick access due to the open design. To maintain this feature, we have introduced the nail pocket with lashing closure. This allows flexible access even in bad weather. By the way- did you know that loops for attaching tool ropes are integrated in the bags? Thus, your tools are additionally secured against falling out. In addition, we are constantly working on further solutions. So you can look forward to seeing what else is in store for you at the end of the year.

Florian Bobinger Product Marketing Manager ProClick

You see – the application options of ProClick are almost limitless. Besides representatives of traditional crafts ProClick also facilitates everyday life in other areas. When asked whether our product testers would also use ProClick in their free time, they all confirmed this with a resounding “yes“.

Now it’s your turn – make your everyday life easier with the ProClick tool bags from Sortimo.

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