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Sortimo supports productivity for ISS A/S fleet

As part of the Global agreement with ISS A/S, Sortimo UK are currently delivering their latest fleet including EV with Robins and Day Stellantis and Leaseplan.

Standardisation of fleet

ISS A/S has a large and multi-purpose fleet of vehicles across the UK and globally, so it was important that the conversions covered a multitude of requirements with the minimal variance to allow for re-allocation mid-life between applications.

Innovation through product range

Sortimo’s smart SR5 range is used to increase the storage capacity and access to the items stored. Labelling encourages stock management, cost control and continuity within areas of the business. ProClick belt attachment and soft pouches can be dis-connected from the vans to connect to the user to bring efficiency and increase productivity whilst working away from the vehicles. Sortimo’s roof rack TopSystem is specified for some of the conversions which is constructed from light weight aero aluminium bars, locking Ladder clamps and pipe-tubes all crash tested.

Sustainability & carbon reduction with Sortimo

Sortimo’s SR5 system is one of our latest product ranges to be designed to have a small manufacturing carbon footprint to echo our company target to be carbon natural for 2025, with a life expectancy of 12 years the system can be re-fitted as nothing is more sustainable than re-using existing systems – with this in mind the racking is designed to fit in various similar sized vehicles and even transfer between larger or smaller vans with minimal alteration.

If you think your fleet might benefit from a similar approach, please do contact us and we can offer a FOC review for your fleet.

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