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50 years of Sortimo – 50 years of intelligent mobility

In 1973, Herbert Dischinger founded a wholesale business for handicraft supplies. 50 years later, Sortimo supplies everything tradesmen need and much more ...

The idea

At the age of 25, Herbert Dischinger founds a wholesale business for fastening technology in Augsburg. As a capable businessman, Herbert Dischinger knows his tradesmen customers and knows that they transport screws, dowels and other small parts cluttered and untidy in bags and boxes. That’s when he had the idea that laid the foundation for Sortimo (SORTIment MObil) …

From metal cases to intelligent mobility solutions


Herbert Dischinger creates small plastic boxes that fit perfectly into a metal case when lined up so that nothing falls out – this is the birth of the first metal case, the KM 321. The lid lock is unique and patented. The case is optionally available with inset boxes or dividers for partitioning.


The metal case is constantly optimised and adapted to new requirements. In 1995, for example, the metal case has a patented one-hand operation that makes it possible to open the case with one hand. In addition, the case is equipped with a case lid support so that the lid does not have to be put down. Thanks to the rubberised handle, the case can be carried comfortably in the hand, and the labelling provides an overview of the contents.


In 2009, in addition to the metal case, a plastic variant made of polypropylene is offered, the L-BOXX. This is the starting point of the well-known case & BOXX series, such as the T-BOXX, where the contents can also be seen from the outside thanks to the transparent lid.

The development of the van racking system.


The first FE 1 van racking system is launched in 1986. The metal body is manufactured in cube construction. The van rackingt itself is designed for self-assembly.


In 1998, the optimised van racking sytem FE2 appears in a weight-optimised design through an opened sheet metal body. The drawers can be pulled out completely thanks to telescopic rails and lock automatically when pushed in.


2004 sees the market launch of the 3rd generation van racking system: Globelyst. It is characterised by the post instead of cube design, which results in an unlimited number of variants. Numerous patents optimise the Globelyst van racking – in further developed form still in the range today.


With the SR5 (Sortimo 5th generation racking system) Sortimo is launching a van racking system in 2018 that makes maximum use of the loading space thanks to its flexible design and offers perfect workplace organisation in the smallest of spaces thanks to services such as mySortimo labels.
Even in the smallest commercial vehicle class, a Euro pallet fits between two SR5 racks. Another new feature is that the van racking can be configured online.

50 years of Sortimo – 50 years of intelligent mobility

Our latest video about 50 years of Sortimo:

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