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The flexible roof rack system.

The Sortimo TopSystem provides additional storage space on the roof of your vehicle, safely and securely transports bulky and long objects and saves time, thanks to its ease of handling. Thanks to the minimal net weight of the lightweight roof rack, it permits a maximum payload to be carried and, due to its high-quality workmanship and corrosion-resistant materials, it also has a very long service life – which pays for itself.

TopSystem Eco

TopSystem ProSafe

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TopSystem Accessories

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Flexible. Intuitive. Efficient.

Take advantage of the many benefits of the Sortimo TopSystem roof rack.

Sortimo roof rack TopSystem offers many benefits
Two versions – for differing requirements
Sortimo offers two different versions of its TopSystem, which meet all requirements – from the cost-effective Eco version to the professional solution with side rails and the integrated ProSafe load securing system.
Roof rack TopSystem Eco  features standard cross members with plastic end caps
Roof rack TopSystem ProSafe: Additional fixation through ProSafe lashing straps
More accessories
Roof rack TopSystem side support cross member
Roof rack TopSystem side ladder lift
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Certainly crash-tested. For your safety!

Sortimo TopSystem roof rack crash test

Ease of handling. More time for you!

Sortimo TopSystem roof rack: ladder side lift

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Sortimo roof racks offer additional loading space and flexibility when you need to transport extra long materials. Sortimo van roof racks from our online shop let you transport your load simply and easily on the roof of your vehicle. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike use the roof racking systems for their vans, ensuring that all loads are professionally secured. Rely on professional equipment with TopSystem when you need additional transport space.

Extend your loading space and minimise your journeys. Loads are as individual as the companies that transport them, resulting in individual transport requirements, which we are pleased to meet with our extensive product range. Apart from the many modules that help to secure your loads and organise your tools and materials in your van, we also offer a wealth of solutions for securely transporting extra-long and bulky goods.

Secure transport of extra-long loads

The lightweight racks available in our online store provide flexibility when it comes to transporting goods and work materials. Whether you need to transport a ladder, metal pipes or other bulky items for your work, you can now do so simply and, above all, safely with our roof racking system. When you order Sortimos van roof racks online, you are investing in the future, as you can also use the TopSystem on your next vehicle, thanks to its corrosion-resistant material and excellent quality.

Their lightweight construction lets you transport more, reduce the number of trips and thus also cut down on fuel consumption. And, thanks to their aerodynamic design, wind noise is also minimal when driving. Therefore, rely on Sortimo’s professional quality and benefit from the safety, security and versatility of our solutions.

Roof rack system for maximum flexibility

You are opting for intelligent mobility and professional and safe transport with the Sortimo product range. TopSystem roof racks give you additional load space, perfect for bulky or extra-long loads, offering you greater flexibility and efficiency in your working day. Save even more time, thanks to its simple handling and optional built-in ProSafe lashing system for simple and fast load securing. Practical accessories also let you flexibly adapt your roof racking system to the specific dimensions of your load.
Get in touch with us on our hotline if you need advice on selection and adaptation to your type of vehicle. And once you’ve decided on a particular model and would like to order a roof racking system online, you’ll also benefit from our free shipping. Don’t delay – order your new roof rack today.